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Really bad at talking about ourselves. Really good at building technology. For more than a decade, we’ve sported modest titles, a right-fit size, and a gusto for delivering valuable applications.

The Story So Far

In the summer of ‘09, four freelance developers — Nathaniel BiblerTyler Hunt, Thomas Meeks, and leader Gregg Pollack — took their talents to Central Florida and founded Envy Labs. The name stems from Gregg’s previous consulting venture, Rails Envy (playing on the enviable privilege of using Ruby on Rails back then). Envy Labs speaks to the ideal they wanted to achieve: A company that prioritizes people, community, and a culture others would envy.

Education has been one of our core values since the beginning. Pairing that drive with our day jobs, Envy Labs became its own client and bootstrapped a SaaS product called Code School. The learn-to-code platform grew steadily and spun out on its own by 2014, taking a pair of founding members with it. Later that year, it completed an eight-figure sale to Pluralsight.

Several rotations around the sun later, Envy Labs has maintained its focus on people and community. We’ve organized meetups like the Orlando Ruby Users Group, BarCamp Orlando, and Front-End Orlando, joined the Orlando Tech Council, and helped establish a local startup accelerator in Starter Studio. It’s a culture that experts have hitched their careers to: The median tenure of our team is over ten years.


95% people, 5% snacks and coffee. These are the faces you’ll see on weekly calls, in discussion threads, and attached to code commits.


Core Values

The web’s always changing, but we’ve found consistency in our core values:

  • Foster Education

    We’re always learning, and the best way to learn is to teach. That includes our coworkers, our clients, the industry at large and, hopefully, future hires.

  • Pursue Excellence

    Web applications continue to evolve, and we want a hand in advancing the craft. Technology’s positive impact deserves to be furthered.

  • Practice Transparency

    As a team, as a vendor, and as a member of the community, open and honest communication is the key to building software.

  • Create Fun

    Creativity doesn’t thrive in a crunch. We’ve built a culture that doesn’t take itself too seriously and avoids unsustainable hustle.


We got our start in the tourism (and humidity) hub of Orlando, FL and still call downtown home. A few folks have escaped to places with seasons, spreading to the remote reaches of Seattle, Chattanooga, and Cleveland.


No current openings, but we’re always looking to talk shop with interested individuals. Send your materials over to [email protected] or catch us at a meetup.

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