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Custom software is messy. Applications that seem unusable by design, half-baked features, strained timelines and budgets — it’s a reality for business-critical platforms everywhere.

We’re the team brought in to avoid or repair all of that.

Accessible Complexity

Software sits at the intersection of value and risk. There’s courage in starting down the custom application path, where:

  • A problem finds its technology
  • Measurable objectives meet a timeline and budget
  • Discovery informs an implementation plan
  • A product’s launch is the start, not the end

For startups — and organizations with that same innovative spirit — we’re an experienced guide along the way. An ally in digital transformation, assisting with discovery, design, and development.

Done right, projects feel like a natural, incremental, and measured climb. As we reach the peak, you’ll look back and wonder how we covered all that ground without the usual hardships.

“First-rate technical skill combined with taste and creativity is a rarity. Like finding a vein of gold in the wilderness, Envy Labs is that rare strike.”

Ed Kilduff

Founder // Camassia Applied Science


Custom software is possibility. Determining what to build (and what not to build) makes or breaks the final delivery.

Custom software is experiential. A unique platform is an opportunity for an interface that matches your organization’s tone and values.

Custom software is an investment. Realizing the right gains takes a focus beyond buzzwords and trending technologies.

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We’re always looking for a chance to talk shop. Even if we’re not the right fit today, we’ll be your go-to resource whenever new questions pop up.
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